Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Ever

Do you hate, hate, hate to clean your nasty, smelly toilet bowl?  I do.  What an unpleasant, never-ending, gross chore!  Sometimes, the crud, especially the ultra-gross black mildewy stuff, doesn't come off, even with Comet and repeated, hard scrubbing with a scrub brush.  Eccccchhhh!

Well folks, there is a solution to this horrid problem.  It's called The Works toilet bowl cleaner.  I get it at my local HEB, but if you like, you can buy it right here at Hyper-Ad.  I looked for a solution to my problem of gross toilet on the Internet, and discovered this stuff, went out and tried it, and it worked, spectacularly, the very first time!  All the crud was destroyed, and the once-menacing toilet bowl again became pearly white, and so clean and sanitary that even dainty, germ-phobic ladies wouldn't hesitate to ascend that throne.

This stuff is effective because it contains 9.5% HCl, also known as hydrochloric acid.  That is the same acid in your stomach, and used in swimming pools.  Be careful when you use it to not get it on your hands, and especially not in your eyes (you should wear gloves and use eye protection whenever using harsh chemicals). Rinse off any accidental spills with cold water.  It's not concentrated enough to hurt you, but you should never allow acids or bases to stay on you longer than it takes to rinse off.  Just common sense!

As a former chemist, I know what HCl is and how useful it is.  You don't have to worry about environmental impact, since most places have alkaline water (so the stuff is neutralized as soon as it hits the sewage system).  Even if you happen to live somewhere where the water is acidic (not common), you are merely lowering the pH of the sewage system by a tiny amount, making it a bit harder for some nasty bacteria to live.

This product is for the inside of the toilet bowl only, where all the yucky stuff goes. The outside of the toilet can be easily cleaned with Comet or Scrubbing Bubbles. I recommend using a lowly bar mop for the outside - it's so easy, and you just plop the bar mop into the next hot water wash to recycle it for the next go-round of cleaning.

I hate housework, too!

Update: Apparently, other companies have similar products. I included them.

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