Sunday, November 20, 2016

Welcome to Hyper-Ad

In business now for over 20 years, Hyper-Ad is a constantly evolving high-tech company primarily in the business of online retailing and high-tech consulting.  This blog allows us to communicate with our customers informally without adding clutter to the main site.  Here, you will find occasional explanations of what we're doing, rare editorials (which we shall strive to keep very brief), occasional specials and other sundry items of interest to our customers.

We are striving to make online shopping simple, easy, and very clear.  In general, each page of our online store will be about just one narrow category of products from just one source.  This should make check-out a bit less complicated.  For each type of item we sell, we will offer only three choices: good, better and best. Please be advised that we have affiliate programs with multiple vendors, so a particular shopping trip may require several check-outs if you choose to select items from different sources.  We'll do our best to make that very clear.  Our most important priority is to waste as little of our client's time as humanly possible.

Periodically, we will review our offers in light of changing circumstances.  Prices and quality on online items tend to change rapidly, so we cannot always guarantee the best prices. However, our prices should be competitive.  We will work only with reputable vendors with good records of customer service.

Last, should you run across an issue with any purchase, first go to the vendor that fulfilled the sale.  All of them have extensive customer services.  We'd like to know about it if you have a particularly frustrating experience, so we can prevent that from happening again.  For the most part, that should not happen, since we work only with well-established vendors (Amazon, Wal-mart, Sam's Club, etc.), but occasionally, bad things happen.  A quick note to us will usually prevent a repeat of the issue (and by that we mean we will stop selling the item from that vendor so other folks don't have the same problem).

Thanks for stopping by.  Come see us again soon!

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