Sunday, May 28, 2017

Now, We are finally On-Line

The most ordinary of life challenges have made it very difficult to get the store online up to now; however, this weekend, the almost impossible was truly and finally accomplished.  Please see the On-Line Store, our Amazon Index, our Sam's Club Index, and our Walmart Index.  More vendors, and more product pages, will be set up on-line in the near future.

The entire site is being revamped to make it mobile-device friendly.  We expect that to be done by the end of summer 2017.  Please bear with us.

There are still a large number of broken links on the website, mostly due to moving from a Windows-based web server to a Linux-based web server, where case (upper vs lower case) matters.  Amazon also complicated matters a few years ago by changing the base URLs for almost all of their products.

If you have ever managed a website, broken links are the bane of any webmaster's existence - the Internet is ever-changing, and considerable effort is needed to keep up with them.  The links are what make the Internet useful, so it is a cost we all have to bear. We have fixed many (hundreds) links already, but there are hundreds more to fix.  Please bear with us as we slog through the maintenance nightmare.

By way of reminder, we are currently associates with the vendors we have chosen, and so complaints should go to them first. We want to know if you have difficulties beyond normal communications with any of our associates (as in, they took your money, but didn't deliver what you ordered, and refused to refund your money), if you do, please e-mail, here. I have had problems with very few vendors, and stopped doing business with those who were not straightforward in doing business. Just the facts.

At the current time, the most we can do is stop using a highly problematic vendor.  We are, of course loathe to do this, but since we are small and they are huge, we can understand that they might not be reasonable.  If a vendor commits enough validated sins, we might suspend or drop them.  Please understand, we are in business to make money, not to be virtue-signalers. Complain to us only when there is a significant and un-fixible problem.

We have chosen only vendors for which we have never had a serious problem.  At the current time, this is about what we can do.  We will continue to communicate with you, our customers, about what we find and what our customers see.

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