Sunday, November 20, 2016

Editorial: The next four years

Now that the elections are behind us, we see at least some change in the cultural and political climates coming.  Regardless of the reader's voting preferences, it appears clear enough that the old establishment was rejected this time.  What is to come is uncertain.  Perhaps America has reached a turning point, or perhaps we've simply kicked the can down the road for a while longer.  No one has a crystal ball.

As far as business priorities go, we do feel that it is a wise idea for all of us to simplify our lives, reduce our dependence on centrally-sourced goods and services, unplug from the matrix, decentralize, and get off the grid wherever possible.  One of the prime themes for our product selections will be in that spirit.

Getting completely off the grid right away is an enormous undertaking, and likely impractical for most of our customers.  However, it is possible for all of us to do little things which will eventually result in better use of scarce resources and scarce time.  Over time, these little things add up nicely.

As a very simple example, we found that buying a pack of bar mops (the little towels used by bars and restaurants) drastically reduced our use of paper towels.  The bar mops are convenient, durable, inexpensive (about 50 cents each), and washable.  They paid for themselves in about a month.  We even use them in the kitchen as pot-holders and temporary clean spaces for vegetables and the like, and to clean bathrooms and toilets.  Use them, throw them in the laundry, wash in hot water, re-use until they fall apart.  The savings in paper towels alone over a year was nearly $100.

You'll find bar mops in our offerings, along with many other simple and effective ideas to help you get the most out of your money and time.

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